Wrenching Weekend - April 12th?

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Aug 22, 2007
Central CA
Like it says above, would this be a good weekend. Bill needs a steering box put in. Cacy needs to fix his driveline I think. It's a good time to check bolts before going to Calico. Thoughts or suggestions?
I'm up for it, just let me know where. :wrench:
Let me know when and where.

If it is at my place that is fine, just let me know.

I was thinking your place. I just want to get something for the guys who need to get a few things done before Calico.
mmm is the club welder going to be there (greenhorn?)
moonlight wrenching

If anyone wnats to wrench on there rigs say on a Friday night after work to get ready for Calico give me a call we have a decent shop with a car lift,welders, torch cut off saw and air tools etc... I'm in Tulare just south of Tulare Ave & Lovers Lane. 647-7558
Really Just Need To Fix My Cage .
ecerything else can wait till we get back...
well we will be in mexico....

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