For Sale Wrecked 2001 LX470

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United States
This belonged to an aquaintance of my dad's, he ran into the back of a stopped car going about 30. My brother and I bought it to fix it or part it but just don't have the time right now so we are seeing what we can get selling outright. The frame did not take the impact and is in good shape. The drivetrain is all in good order too, it was started up and driven of the road after the crash. Everything in front of the engine is toast. The hood, grill, bumper, drivers quarter are all shot. Both airbags have also been deployed. It has 192k on the clock, owned by an old guy and was always garaged. The title is CLEAR. It would make a sweet platform for a desert rig or whatever you want. I have no idea what to ask for this so I am going to put 5k obo, and I do mean obo. I am also willing to deliver within a short distance for free and a bit further distance for a bit more.
It's a shame it was wrecked as it looks like it was well taken care of. I'd be all over something like this if it was on my side of the planet. Bump to the top for you!

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