Wow, rubber is expensive! Suggestions please.

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Aug 25, 2008
To start with, I had a hard time believing that the rubber tube I was holding in my hand cost $115!!

So after the sticker shock I lifted to hood for what seemed to be an easy fix, no big deal right?

Just a couple of clamps to loosen and yank the hose but NO, I can't get the darn hose off from the air filter side! :rolleyes: Any suggestions for the newbie here? :eek:
Be very careful and don't pull on the middle of the hose. Try sticking a piece of plastic shaped like a chisel around the air filter and the hose to loosen the seal. Someone may have used dish washing liquid to install a tight fitting hose on the air filter. While detergents work as great lube, they dry like glue. You may also try running your cruiser for awhile and using the heated hose to your advantage in removing it from the filter. Good luck, these things are very brittle with age.

Also when you do get it off, hold one end covered with your hand in sunlight. Rotate and look for cracks. A small crack will start throwing engine codes.
Some WD-40 and a blunt pry tool. Also if you have not allready try twisting it , It should break free.
Did you take the top off the Air cleaner?

BTW Go through Cruiser Dan @ American Toyota for less sticker shock = $76.00 IIRC

Good luck
What 450 Dude said is spot on. I forgot that if you take the top of the air cleaner off you can twist that and your problem should be solved.
Thanks for the info!

and I'll remember cruiser Dan. that's a huge difference in price! I even checked for used and they were running $50.

My hose is already cracked but I used the good ol' duct tape for a quick fix that has held up thus far but I'm getting a bit embarrased when I lift the hood and see the tell tale silver stuff! :hillbilly:
Hi Ken! Hey, I have to cruise over to Jackson tomorrow maybe we could hook up and you can give me a hand! :grinpimp: You can check out Elsie while we're at it as I didn't make the last meeting.

We're doing the 4x4 show n shine again this year on May 2 at Les Schwab. Can't decide whether to take the Jeep or Elsie or the Chevelle to mix things up a bit!
I would love to help out tomorrow , but will be in Sacto paying the bills.:crybaby:

But feel free to call anytime.


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