Wow! OZ Decals!

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Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
Ok, ya'll check out BMT's decals for sale in the for sale section.

(I'll disclose that I'm in on it too. Unfortunately I'd look cheesy since mine has the 3FE. :'( )

...and we're really not making $h!t on 'em so pick 'em up now!

Are those little pictures of valves in the corner? 8)
Cool. I guess valves are a special feature in OZ. &nbsp:Do they have decals with pictures of radiators and mufflers too?

And yes I know its a 24V. Says so right on the valve cover.
I have a Japan tail gate emblem that says "VX"

Folks say "waasat mean?"

I say "Very Expensive" :D
I vote two thumbs up...
Uh oh, another Ducati man on here. Ya the Desmodronic valve timing thing is the leagcy of Ducati. Hehe take a wild guess on what the numbers on my handle are. My Dad has one of the Ducati ST4's heh and on the back of my rig i've got a Fast By Ferrarchi sticker. &nbsp:Ducati's rock.
or monteray (sp) emblems for their pajero's. i guess you all know what juvenile thing pajero translates to in spanish eh? well it may be false info on my end, but it could be reliable

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