Wow 31's made a big difference.

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Nov 11, 2003
Mountaintop, Pa
Hey folks I just wanted to say I love 31's on my fj62. I could be wrong but I feel like I have more power on. Going from a 225/75/15 must put the truck in a sweeter power range. Or maybe it's all in my mind.

I'm pretty happy I got a LC I was going through withdrawl at first from my full size jeep. I really like the size and style.

You've made an excellent choice switching to a Cruiser from a Heep. I think you'll find (as have many of us) that the Cruiser is a much better built and more reliable vehicle than Dodge could ever dream of making!
TJDIV, that cracks me up. I was about to post some pics of my cruiser after the new QP's and paint and say it drives a lot faster now. But I didn't think anyone would get the joke. New shoes do make you run faster don't they?
Ah Stimpy, those were the good old days. I remember when I thought 33's were big. Now I'm thinkin' 36's are getting small-ish:) Enjoy it while you can, fersure you're infected now:)

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