Would you buy it?

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Jun 19, 2012
first off, yes I did read your buying a FJ stickie, that helped but didn't really apply to my situation

I found a very nice FJ40 in pieces. the owner was rebuilding it with his son and they lost interest....4+ years ago. they have swapped the motor for a SBC, tranny and xcase unknown. stock axles good frame and good body. from what I saw the running board was had some rust but wheel wells tailgate area looked good, floorpans too. the top was outside sitting on the ground, which worried me. he says it is 95% there and the motor does run. under $1000

I would just on this immediately but I don't know anything about fj's. I know ALOT of CJs and other jeeps and was looking to start a new jeep project. either vehicle will be stripped to the frame and built from the ground up. ending in the 33-35" tire range and used for light wheeling and camping. my other problem is all my tools are american.

1)Would you buy it
2)How common are parts
3)What are the deal breakers to look for
4)Where can I find a list of online vendors

Thanks, Matt
1)Would you buy it
2)How common are parts
3)What are the deal breakers to look for
4)Where can I find a list of online vendors

Thanks, Matt

1) no: on principle, I do not buy non-running rigs
2) parts are hard to come by - 40s are becoming rarer by the minute
3) dealbreakers for me would likely be different from yours - see 1)
4) look in the Vendors Market - tab at the top of this page

and welcome :cheers:
Sight unseen heck yes $1000 if you dont want it someone else will pay more for sure. You can actually find alot of parts on Rock Auto.Com and as far as body parts fab some or aftermarket
1)Would you buy it?
Yes, I probably would. Like what has been said, there are more than $1K worth of parts.

2)How common are parts?
Very easy to find parts...if you know where to look. You found us, so that's a good start.

3)What are the deal breakers to look for?
If you're going to build it and drive it, then excessive rust should be a deal breaker. If you're going to part it out, then they're really aren't any.

4)Where can I find a list of online vendors?
You won't find a bunch of aftermarket online vendors like you have for Jeeps. There's CCOT, Spector Offroad, Cruiser Corps, Cruiser Outfitters and for used stuff there's cruiserparts.net. The vendor forum is a great place to start.
I would buy it if it is like you said. If the frame is solid and the body has no rust holes I would buy it in a heart beat. Parts are easy to find, between the classified here and ebay you can find almost anything. Depending where you are CL often has parts as well. Plus just about anything you could possibly want to know is here on this site or can be asked here. I do not like the SBC but for that price if done right I would take it. Post pics here and the experts will tell you what trans and xcase you have, and probably be able to tell if the SBC conversion was done well. Sounds like a good deal to me, but without picture just going on what you said.
That one dude is really weird looking!
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Pic would be nice, but if it wasn't completely trashed and rusted out, and I had a spare 1000, I'd jump on it.
Parts truck would be nice. sell what you dont need. My dad when I was a kid had a few FJ40 spares he picked up back in the 80s for about 400 each. nice to have when you need a part.

IF though, you are buying this as your first FJ......Maybe look around for one not completely in pieces.
Can you get pics of it?
I.d buy it but I would reasearchthe 40 series alot. Then go look at it again to makws sure everything he stated is there. Ifyou do buy it you.ll never want a cj again. I know from experieince. I too am a converted jeep owner. Parts are also readily available. There hasnt been a part yet I couldn.t find.
Stock motors aren't too hard to find. SBCs are a dime a dozen.

I'd go for it if the frame is solid, and body is ok.

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