would these wheels fit?

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Feb 10, 2010
I know similar questions have come up, but I have an 02' lexus lx 470 and I really want these wheels....
Pro Comp Wheels Part 52-6185 - Series 52 Steel Wheel by Pro Comp

but I don't know if it's possible cause I'm not planning on raising the truck but do want chunkier tires...there are also the same wheels but with 2.5" backspacing instead of the 4".....I want my wheels and tires to stick out a little from the fenders...is this possible? thanks
really? cause I thought it was 5X5.5 guess i better do more research..thanks
"Marius" runs aftermarket procomp's that stick out pretty far. Haven't seen him around for months though
Thanks..I just pm'd him .https://forum.ih8mud.com/100-series-cruisers/250593-my-skid-plates-2.html
did some research on his wheels yeah they're procomp...his are 16x8 with 4"backspace, they also come in 16x10 with 4.5" backspace, I want my truck to have some meat...so with these wheel specs, what are biggest tires can put on either of these wheels without having any rubbing issues? and I want to touch the suspension...

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