would someone be interested in my box/drawers?

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Jan 30, 2006
Paris, France
Not a classified - just testing waters to check if there's some demand. Family getting bigger and in need of sitting 6+ people, I will dismantle my rear drawers this weekend (link to pics in my sig line). Wondering if someone in LA would be interested in picking it up? I'm no master carpenter and the thing might look a bit rugged, but the plywood panels fit nicely and the drawers even slide (w/o sliders). Ready to part with it for quite cheap. Pm me or reply to this thread if interested.
Hi Grolar,

I'd like to be next in line. What is the finished height? Sent PM.

You know what, it's funny, that's the message I usually get on the day when I try and manage to sell something on 'mud. The last time, the item had been around for 9+ months! :rolleyes:
Sorry for that. Hope you find a similar item soon.

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