would 84 fj60 bellhouse work in 72 fj40

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Feb 8, 2005
my 72 currently has a 2f with 3 sp trans. I can pickup a 4 spd trans w/tc from a late model 40 locally. my question is will I need a different bellhouse? I'm not sure what one is currently in the vehicle, or how to tell which one it is, but I have an 84 fj60 for parts so I can take that bellhouse if needed...thx all.

" bellhouse "

Are you talking about the tin covering the floor, or the piece that attaches to the rear of the engine?

If you are trying to attach a Toyota four speed transmission to the engine in the 72-40, you will need the flywheel housing from the four speed to make it work, just for starters, and yes it will bolt up to the 2F in your truck, however, it does not have provisions for using the same rear engine mounts to the frame that the flywheel housing that is currently on your truck does. If you decide to use this, you will need to modify the crossmember that the transmission is bolted to in the FJ60, so that it will work in your 40. I feel that the later trans mount is better than the earlier style that used the flyweel housing as the rear engine mounts. What is a 'late model' 40 to you? If it is a 08/80 and later, it will have the same rear engine mounting set up at the 60 series would.

There are a couple threads going on right now about installing a four speed into and earlier truck, and MANY more will turn up using the SEARCH function.

The tin will not work.

Good luck!

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