Worn out key/ignition/doors...

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Jul 15, 2011
Oakdale, CA
Is they're a good resource for the two doors and ignition tumblers w factory keys? I'm starting to have some real issues w stuck in the ignition periodically w increasing frequency:(
Have you tried going to the dealer and having them cut a key off your VIN? Did this a few years back. It worked out well for me. Although, if your tumblers are worn...well then you know what that means.

Food for thought...
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^^^ I did this as well this past summer and took away most of my sticking issues. My only problem is the passenger side tumbler, it has always been stuck. I'm not sure which way to go with that one. Maybe pull it and give it a good cleaning.
I was having the same issue. Went to the dealer a week ago and had then cut a key from the VIN. Works perfect in the ignition and can open my doors w the key again, even the rear hatch. I think it was $25ish
Won't solve your door issue but a new ign. cylinder with keys is $105 from CDan. Mine was getting sticky so I changed it out. Takes about 15 minutes and all you have to pull is the panel below the steering wheel. With 250,000 miles on my truck the ign cylinder had simply worn out.

thanks guys!

The doors not so bad but the ignition actually screws me at least twice a week to where I'm fiddling with it for ten minutes trying to get it out at work, a store, etc upon arriving. Sucks.

Cdan sounds like the plan.
Here's the part number from Mr. T 90999-00175
Weird how these things run in circuits, but I was gonna post a thread just yesterday on the same topic. My key pulls out of the ignition while it's running. It opens the doors fine, but it must be the valet key because it doesn't work in the glove box. I'll have to swing by and get them to cut one.

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