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Apr 23, 2020
San Diego, CA
So a while back, I bought my FJ62 and have been working through issues.


So when I was driving it back from Sacramento to San Diego, I got an engine warning light about 1/3 of the way home. I read this as code 11, but I buddy said it was 22.
I was exhausted and agreed on code 22. So focused on fixing the temp sensor. Made it home safely.

Since then I replaced water temp sensor, spark plugs, distributor, plug wires, recharge A/C, replace radiator hose, egr modulator, valve adjustment and normal fluid changes. After all that, I am now getting code 43 and nothing else. Looking at the video again, I read code 11. So taking these two codes into account, I am thinking that it may be a bad ECU. I've misplaced my multimeter so forced to get another but once in tomorrow, I'll go through and double check everything.

The truck starts well. I need to give it a little gas to crank at times but idles with no issues. Once running, it runs great. I was driving it around town until I experienced the death wobble. Just replaced the TRE and working through the alignment now.

Now I have a bunch of other little things to fix.
  • bad oil pressure gauge
  • front flood lights not turning on
  • fix rocker switches
  • belts need replacing
  • few other small things
So the point to this post, what should I focus in on to determine whether I need to replace the ECU or other item(s) to look at?
Nov 25, 2014
Western victoria Australia
Maybe the death wobbles mucked up some connections.
Code 43 - Starter Signal

Diagnosis - No "STA" signal to ECU until engine speed reaches 800 RPM with vehicle not moving.

Trouble Area - Ignition switch circuit, ignition switch, or ECU [Whatever that means.]

Code 11 is momentary loss of power to ecu.

I am SOOO glad I have a carby
Apr 18, 2008
Great Northwest
If both brake and charging warning lights are on, it can indicate a charging system error: like a faulty alternator or connection problem; couldn’t hurt to check the output.

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