Working on my desmog . . couples questions

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Nov 21, 2015
Danville, Iowa
Hello all again.

Working on my desmog. Using the pdf to follow along. Also getting JimC's kit. Have a couple of questions before I get started to far.

In this picture there appears to be a brass fitting (3way) put on by the PO. Whats it doing and what is it taking the place of? Where should those hoses go?

Also when I take the egr valve out what do I do with the flex tube below it?

Thanks for your guys time.
That brass fitting is taking place of the "gas filter" I believe it is called. Also a three barb apparatus. Follow the guide on what to do with those.

The flex tube is part of the EGR. It goes down to a separate thing bolted to the block. Been a while since I have looked at that. The EGR system is a few more bits than just the thing bolted to the intake. Follow the routing and you will discover more.
If you havent already find a copy of the applicable emissions FSM. There are links to fee PDF's of them on IH8MUD. Just google "FSM Hell of a price" and you will get a hit for Trollhole's thread with the free FSM PDF's. That will help you determine what's what.
It also may be easier to remove all of the smog apparatus, then re-install the parts you will be retaining, HAC, Evap, AC Idle up, what have you. PO of my FJ60 had done a half-a$$ and partly incorrect desmog, so that's what I did, removed all vacuum lines and went from there. Just my two cents.

But yeah, like klinetime said, that flex hose is attached to the EGR cooler which is attached to the EGR inlet pipe, all of which is removed in the desmog. Both ends of the EGR system are capped with the plugs provided in the kit.
That's actually a pretty nice "homemade" gas filter. cool.

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