working in a spare tire with > tread? (1 Viewer)

Jan 25, 2017
Portland, OR
Last yr wife drove my 05 about mile with a flat, on a rough road. Tire was destroyed. Long story short: because my spare back then was a POS, had to replace the whole set of tires - which still had a fair # of miles left on them.
Vowing to not get into this scenario again, I bought 5 (five) KO2s. The logic was, if this sitch happens again, I won't have to replace the three remaining tires. Work in an identical spare.
However I failed in the execution part. Going over my maint sched, just realized I'd forgotten to rotate the spare in. Here's the question: now there's a spare w/12,000 miles less tread, a measured/averaged difference of between 3/32" to 1/8". Too late to work into the rotation?

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