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Discussion in 'TX- The White Trash of the Elwood Chapter' started by Texican, Jul 24, 2005.

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    There needs to be a home for wayward adults. Some place we can send our friends or even people we know who need help. Not typical help in the check-up from the neck-up kind of help, but aid doled out in the old fashioned parental way. There are adults out there who still need to be raised and for some reason their parents didn't do a very good job. People who have road rage, throw fits in public, and generally act like children in big kids clothes. You've seen them, you know them, yet you put up with them. If my parents could see them they would not put up with it.
    My parents would say things like, you're acting like a girl, so I think we'll just trade in your clothes for some dresses and let you walk down main street. Scared me half to death. We'll get you some dolls if you're going to act like a girl. Those of course were quick responses to fits I would throw and there was no danger that I wanted to wear dresses or play with dolls, and in fact if any of you want to do those things you can stay on your own side of the playground with your own slide and swing and swingers and get the hell off my web site, you've been raised wrong. I really don't have any serious biases but I sure as hell don't want to wear any damned dresses.
    It amazes me though people are out there who think they can roll around on the ground and kick their legs and get their way. My parents would kick my ass if they saw me acting like that, and so should yours. My folks didn't spank me, instead they talked to me, asked me why I did what I did, where it landed me, if I planned on doing it again, those kind of things. I hated it. I had to explain my actions. Yea, I threw a beer bottle at Mrs. Johnson's mailbox and it hit her car, I didn't mean any harm, but now I have to pay for it. Crap. Responsibility for your actions and fits. I think we need to start a school for wayward adults. Not a jail or a mental institute but a home for the further education or adults. I have at least four candidates ready right now. Get off the alcohol, get off the pills, grow up and quit kicking you feet on the floor or I'll send my parents right over there to talk to you. You're an adult for Pete's sake, you need a spanking.
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    How the hell could you miss Mrs J's mailbox? Seriously, I agree with you 100%, Maybe call it Ass Whooping Institute.

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    spank me ... spank me ... SPANK ME!! :grinpimp:

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    Thats some good s*** Butch, even if it is a little heavy for our light-hearted forum. I could say a fair piece about it too, but I guess it comes down to deciding where to draw the line between conflict and combat. :)
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