Wobbly fan clutch

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Jul 12, 2012
Wheeling WV
My 78fj40 was running hot so I changed and flushed the radiator system. I noticed the the fanclutch and attached pully seem to have some play 1/2 inch. This isnt good I know. but how to tighten? Looks to me the problem is were the shaft comes from the water pump? or am I missing something? bad bearings? The heater is working fine. Suggestions?

when it's wobbly, it's time to replace the fan clutch

the bearing gives, particularly on the cheap aftermarket fan clutches

inspect the water pump shaft after you have the fan clutch off
wv78toy said:
Cool cruisers or spector? you guys have experience with these parts folks?

Toyota. Start with your dealer.

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or import car parts house

regular autoparts stores also have them - I don't expect much: I am on my 3rd or 4th in 7.5 years - good thing is they come with lifetime warranty, so you just turn them in for a new one - just need to inspect regularly :meh:

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