Wits End air + 175 amp Anderson bracket kit

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Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
Anyone got a Wits End air coupling + 175 amp anderson connector unit mounted on the front bar of their 80 to give us an idea of how to arrange it?

Air Coupler and SB175 Bracket KIT

I've long wanted a way to have jump-start and/or battery charging connection ability at the front (I don't have AOB/OBA but an air fitting is nice too). I don't have an outside-accessible main battery isolator worked out yet. ;)

Re the air fitting supplied, is it compatible with the Jamec-type connectors? Being a brass fitting it doesn't seem to be a Nitto type fitting. It is possible to use (or even get) an air fitting that has a cover just like the anderson plugs?

Ask this guy....


He MIGHT know.
Because of the design of the bracket, it doesn't use the rubber cap that Parker and others use. After testing various scenarios I decided I hated it. Thats when I started making the air coupler plugs.


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