Wisconsin...McCaslin-Pipe Line-Wabeno Rocks

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Apr 9, 2003
Libertyville, Il.
I am planning to head north for the weekend and was wondering if anyone was planning to be at McCaslin or the pipeline? Planning to wheel all over that area and return to Wabeno to play on the rock garden. Just hope to stay away from the rocks late night cause the axle shafts and Detriot locker lost the battle last time.

Woody, if you are up for a last minute trip or day trip, let me know.

nuts...wish I could get away...the 4x4 Forever gang is supposed to be running a day ride on Sunday to McCaslin, but mine is "sorta" down for a new exhaust and some little things...recovering still from the Black Hills!!

You thinking of making Dresser?

We'll be in Antigo for the March of Dimes...and a MUST DO is the first weekend in Oct for the MnToyx4 crew.

Made some steering adjustments and I can now drive over 15 mph without death wobble...have some fuel issues tho, may have to switch pumps... :D

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