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Jan 10, 2010
Fair Oaks Ca
When i took out stock gauges to install after market for the setup Drew Maurer came up with. I went with the volt meter my question is when I hook up batt. I have no power. Old wires for amp guage one wire is hot other is dead. I have no lights no starter nothing. Do these wires have to be hooked together to complete a circut as if they were hooked to the gauge. I don't want to fry my wiring. Somebody has to know the answer.
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Jun 23, 2007
Mid Cal.
Amp meters are wired in series, Voltmeters get wired in parallel

Old amp meter wires get connected together in order to feed system, then wire volt meter to gage power circuit on one side of the volt meter and ground the other side of the meter.

hope this helps...........Jerome

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