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Nov 6, 2007
in my little world
need wiring help now ready to purchase

ez go or painless which is better quality and easier to install. what would you buy???
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neither is easy or painless - install difficulty is the same

you need a factory wiring diagram and reconstruct some circuits the Toyota way if you are using OEM switches, particularly hazard/blinkers/brake lights

the easy is cheaper - I bought the Painless :meh:
x2 Both are pretty much set up similarly. I went with the Painless because it came with my rig.

Tons of threads on this too.

I took my sweet time by crimping, soldering, and heat shrinking every connection. I had one screw up by not using the Toyota wiring diagram. I just fixed that tonight now the cruiser shuts off when I turn the key off.
....now the cruiser shuts off when I turn the key off.

:lol: yeah, that should help with gas mileage

I crimped weatherproof connectors and heat shrunk, didn't solder

I also relayed every major consumer :D
I am running stock alternator
I used the Painless kit. It was not painless. But overall not that difficult. Just make sure you lay the kit out and pre-route the wiring. Lots of planning and a good Toyota wiring schematic are a must.
+1 on the Painless. I have one in my 40 and haven't had any trouble in 6 years.

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