Wiring question for aux lights

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by 96Cruiser, Feb 19, 2004.

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    Jul 14, 2003
    ok so i just got a set of hella ff1000's for my ARB.
    due to the nature of WV inspection laws,i MUST make the lights "non working" or "off" when the high beams are selected.....
    What i am doing is adding a second relay that will trigger when the high beams are selected,and turn off the "main" relay supplied with the light setup....
    i checked on christos setup which is prewired, but they are setup for a different on/off than i require and i dont mind as i have already planned it out, just gotta get some wire and that corrigated tubing to run under the hood.....plus some kinda plate to mount the two relays on,etc etc etc.......it just goes on and on and on.....
    i am also adding a second "override" switch in series with the "highbeam interupter" aka relay trigger wire which means when i REALLY want them on, they will be on.....

    my question is this, has anybody already figured out which highbeam wire gets 12v when the highbeams go on?
    i dont have a fsm yet, just a haines and i have not tried to decipher its wiring diagrams yet,thought i would see if anybody had used the headlight as a on/off trigger and knew which wire to use.....
    The hella wiring digram is real simple and indicates using the "main" headlight wire as the on/off signal(with/without a rocker switch,owners choice)
    I was under the impression that the toyota headlights were "negative" switched,not sure if thats the correct term but if thats the case i may have difficulties finding the right wire for that signal/trigger(it just has to pull in the relay coil though,so high current is not a requirement)

    sorry for the rambling post,hope it makes some sort of sense to the masses.......

    doug(who didnt try search for this one cause all the posts about aux lights are for "what kind"/etc etc etc)
  2. 80and100cruisers

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    Mar 27, 2003
    Houston, TX
    Move to Texas, no need to do fancy wiring. My lights can come on when ever! :D

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