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Mar 18, 2017
West Richland
I just recently have started putting my 3FE back together to replace the 2F in my 62. The wiring that came with the motor has been cut into 2 pieces and I need to get them back together. The part that I believe I am going to have trouble with is figuring out what wires go where since this is a different wiring harness because it is for another year. Does anyone have any suggestions of what goes where or a way that would not take a month to trace every wire to see where it goes before pulling the old harness?
not following you completely, can you elaborate?
you had a 2f in a 62?
what year is your truck and the 3fe that's going in it?
can you take pics of the cut harness? the only things that changed from year to year (within the 62 series) is some wires and some connectors, but all the components are the same and the wires all go to the same places. I can send you the '88 schematics if that would be useful
I had a 2F in a 62 and am now replacing it with a 3FE. Unable to know the year because the identification number has basically rusted off and unidentifiable. You basically answered my question stating that they are the same except for a few connectors. Im a super newb when it comes to wiring so anything to make replacing this harness is helpful!
what year is your truck?
did your 3fe come with wiring? if so, can you snap a pic/describe what wiring it came with?
it sounds like when the swap was done the wiring for the original 3fe was cut away...is this correct? if so, can you take a pic/describe what is (or isn't) there?
I'll mention this just in case it's helpful: any wire that connects to something directly on the engine is part of a complete harness that is separate from the rest of the truck, and all but 7 of these wires make a dead run straight to the ecu. the other 7 wires lead to a connector(s, depending on year) that connect to the rest of the 62's harness. for any other engine related wire not connected directly on the engine, ie. vsvs, air flow meter, etc., those connectors are part of the body harness. I made a video a while back that might be more helpful if you're a visual learner, you can find it in my sig.
Also just out of curiosity...do you know why the 2f swap was done in the first place? never heard of it before and can't really see what the gains would be
The wiring harness is currently with the truck at my friends house but will hopefully get you pictures tomorrow.

The 3Fe came with a complete wiring harness. What it looks like they did is cut somewhere after the ECU and its a bundle of 28 wires to be exact. I don't know if they had trouble extracting it out of the wreck cruiser or what but it is going to make a nightmare to fix. As far as I know I have everything that I will need but obviously won't know until I finish putting the motor back together and start hooking everything up.

The reason for the swap is that the 2F had a blown head gasket and the guy I bought it from had a 40 that he wanted to swap the motor out with. I didn't have a problem doing that since the 3FE is fuel injected and is better at being bounced around and with todays fuel is easier to maintain. Also couldn't complain as I had paid 600 bucks for the entire car plus a new motor that had less than 100K on it.
Ok so i took some pictures. I have no idea if they will help or not. As I have been thinking about this for the last couple days, I'm thinking that my best option is to just take the old harness out and as I unplug I need to label. Then I will stretch it out with the new one and label it before I put it all back together. Thoughts?
The only way this works for me is to get to know all the colors and label them one by one, or take a picture of one wire and ask, maybe you need 40 people to know the wire specification and purpose.
Some Easter egg wires might be unused, so I would first draw a schematic of the most important wires:

It might look stupid but maybe 4 wires to start, 3 to stop, 5 for safety (brake lights, dashboard)

Looking at running trucks might make it a lot easier.

When I installed a Suzuki gsxr1100 engine in a 1100 Ef frame I had to know 36 colors and I was 17 years old and did not know we are doing this for fun :hmm:

these are colors for hj60, first find that for a gasoline 60: Wiring Harness.

(because no point is looking for a grey/green wire when it is green/gray in toyota language) is there a G/G wire? :rofl: G-GR or GR-G ? :cheers:
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