Wiring Help: Fuel cut solenoid

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Jul 5, 2013
San Diego
Quick back story, had a battery fire on my HZJ77 few weeks back, which burned up the wiring harness around the battery. Did my best to trace back the original wires and replace. In the process i deleted the glow plug relay and and left the wires that went to it cut off, since I swapped in a 1HDFT and it does not use the same glow system nor do I need it where I live.

Now upon trying to start the motor I am not getting fuel to the injectors, the fuel cut solenoid is not engaging. The wire that goes the solenoid is Black with yellow stripe, putting a volt meter to it, confirms no voltage.

So my first question is does the glow system somehow feed power to it, so by disconnecting it I've created the issue I am having, or is it independent and I have something else going on.

Got it figured out, had a wire backwards. Ol girl runs again! Ridiculous amount of work re-building the wire harness hope I never have to do that again.

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