Wiring Help: ’81-’87 Distributor, ’78-’80 Igniter in a 1977 40

Sep 16, 2012
North of Tulsa
I have a '77 U.S. 40 that came with a ’81-’87 distributor & ’78-’80 igniter. The wiring harness was from a '79 and was a butchered mess. The vehicle ran 10 years ago when I brought it home and disassembled it. I acquired a nice '77 harness and am at a point of reassembly that I need help in getting it connected to the distributor & igniter. The igniter has (3) leads coming off it. One is a long lead, 2 pole connector that fits the distrib connection. A second, shorter lead is also a 2 pole with male spades. (From coolerman's website I believe both spades need 12v). The 3rd short lead is a single pole that was not connected to anything when I first acquired the vehicle. I've attached a pic of what I think are the pertinent connections on the '77 harness. They are:
-a large red wire that is labeled "igniter"
-a white & black "ground"
-a black & white labeled "coil +"
-a large black & yellow labeled "ballast resistor + 12v"

I'm looking for help in how these circuits should connect to the distrib & igniter?

Oh, I IM'd coolerman direct but I know he is super busy and I thought someone else here may have the same or similar setup.






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Nov 27, 2016
Take the black/yellow wire, snip the ring terminal off and make a short adapter harness to have it terminate with two spade terminals. Those two terminals feed the two pole connector on coil to feed the coil and igniter. The coil/igniter grounds through the housing to body.

Black/White goes to starter from the coil (+) terminal.
Red is not used, that is for points dizzy.
White/black wire to ground.
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