Wiring guru help needed, mystery wire

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Mar 1, 2010
Western WA
I have a green wire with white tracer coming from my turn signal harness and cannot find a corresponding wire under the dash. Looking at my schematic I almost thought it went to the stop switch but find no female for my male.
green wire.jpg
For '77, it looks like GW is used for the "hazard lights", "horns" and "stop lights".

Check the connections, from:

  • your "horn relay", to your horns.
  • Your "hazard warning light switch", to the "Hazard and Turn Signal Flasher".
  • Your "stop light switch" to your stop lights.
Thanks Danny, I'll check those. It just seems like I should find that female connector quite close to where the loom connects from the turn signal cluster to the larger multiple connectors. :hmm:
Yes, it is certainly oem, I have a brand new one to install when i put my column back together and it is on that one as well only closer to the end where the ends are. I hate bashful wires.....
I have a 1/76 and had the same "question" a couple months ago. I found a thread on here somewhere which, I believe, @Coolerman noted it was an abandoned wire carried over from the pre-75 years (don't quote me on that) that Toyota didn't bother changing the wiring for. In other words, it does nothing. Mine was recently re-wired and so far as I know everything is working fine without it hooked up. Unfortunately I can't find the right thread where I first read that.
Calling coolerman, where's Mark when you need him? Thanks Three Beers......
Thanks beerme, snippin' that one off at the bud. :flush:

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