Wiring diagram for early BJ60

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Oct 31, 2003
I'm having fits finishing the wiring on my FJ to BJ 60 series engine swap. I have a factory 1985 chassis manual, but very few wire colors corespond to what is found on my parts. I suspect that they come from an earlier model year truck.
Does anyone have an earlier diesel schematic that they could scan for me? Or, is there anywhere where one could be found online?
I've got a 1980 printing of the chassis manual!! I'll be doing a similar deal as you once the FJ55 is far enough along. Let me know what exactly you need to know and I'll try and help out. I'll be asking for you to return the favor when I get going on wiring the FJ55 for the 3B as you'll be an expert by then :D!
The Haynes manual is of little use with regards to diesel :mad:. I had one that I bought because someone said it covered diesel but sold it 'cause it did not cover anything.
I'm trying to hook up the EDIC right now. I have the relay box, but no harnesses ( :'(), so I have to hook the wires up one at a time. Of the 10 wires in the plug on the relay, 5 match the colors on my schematic, 5 don't. I work on Norton bikes too, so I have plenty of experiance turning wires into smoke tubes, so I'd rather not go the "trial & terror" route.
My diesel tach has 3 connections, just like the diagram shows, but none of the colors match! I haven't even started with the glow system yet, so more fun ahead!
I have found downloadable manuals online, but I live in the sticks and have a "can and string" connection that makes large file transfers a chore. I'd love to get just the chassis schematic, if possible.
I see you have an AXT turbo on one of your BJ's, I've cooked up my own using a KKK unit off a VM diesel.
Just dying to hear it run! :D
I'll scan it tomorrow but I'll need an e-mail address to send it to! I'll keep it as small as possible but it'll still be a large file if it's going to be readable. Update your profile with that and I'll get it out to you. As I said, I may be doing the same as you in a few months once the FJ55 is far enough along to be doing that.
OK, I updated my profile.
Tried downloading 1980 Chassis Manual from Birfield.com last night. Left it on overnight (took almost 7 hrs, low res!) and burned it to CD this morning.
Opened it up, and guess what? It's an F engine manual!! :whoops
I would really appreciate it if you could send me a scan of your schematic.
I have thought about pitching the EDIC and hooking a linkage to the pump, but I think I'd rather stay with the electric control if possible.
Thanks for your help,
Check the e-mail. I sent it as a pdf file to keep the size down. It only took a few seconds with my can & string dialup connection!
You'll love the turbo diesel sound. I run my '82 without any muffler and through 2 1/2" pipe. It's not much louder than stock. I'd strongly recommend a pyrometer and limit your turbo boost to 8psi to keep your exhaust gas temperature under about 1100F or so as an intermittent maximum. I usually run at between 600 & 900F depending on speed, terrain and elevation.
I got it, & thanks! Looks like that's what I need. :D
I'm running 2 1/4" SS pipe exhaust, sans muffler as well. It can't be any louder then all those "Dangerous Dentists" on their Harley's!
I have an EGT probe in front of the turbo, and I plan to experiment with the boost and fuel stop after I get it on the road.
I also boxed my rad back 5" and mounted a ducted intercooler in front of it. LOTS OF PLUMBING!! :eek:

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