Wiring Diagram for a FJ60 Dizzy/Coil

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Jul 7, 2004
I am in the middle of installing a FJ60 distributor/coil in my 72 FJ40. Distributor and coil are installed - just need some help with the wiring.

The coil has two green plugs (single white wires on both) coming from the ignitor - where do these go and what kind of power do they require? (see pictures)

the Distributor has a two prong green plug with what looks like vacuum hose connections (see pictures). Where do these wires go?

Finally, the distributor has two holes in the cap that I imagine are for vacuum? see Picture

If you have a scanned wiring diagram for a 81-87 cruiser, please send it to me.


DSC03167 (Small).JPG
DSC03169 (Small).JPG
DSC03170 (Small).JPG
IIRC (and it's too dark to check at the moment) one of the green plugs should match the one on the distributor, and the other green plug supplies a signal for the tach.

Regarding the holes in the distributor cap, these are for venting the cap. On a FJ60 the small hole would be connected to a vaccuum source with a vaccuum line. Off the large hole a hose runs to the firewall where it connects to a filter.

With your FJ40 you can run a hose off the large hole and cap it with a small fuel filter, then run a hose from the small hole to a vaccuum source. This is what I've done on my FJ40.
Ummm.. geez... I don't know... Cuz I am the dumber of the two - no wait, that can't be it cuz I am not.. Cuz I am the smarter of the two and know that the dumber of the two couldn't possibly have done it right.

Your brother...

First picture is of the coil/ignitor assembly. The red and white wires are the outputs which go to the distributor. The black/yellow is power coming into the ignitor.

Second picture is of the wiring going into the distributor. I purchased the water-tight connector from NAPA.

Third picture is the ventilation. I used a replacement valve body for a wheel and pulled the stem out of it. I put it into the top side of the air filter cover so that it pulls a vacuum when the engine is on. The other hose I ran into the cab (pulled out for the picture). Probably need to add a small air filter on that end, but it doesn't see that much dust... I also put a small check valve on the suction side just in case I get a backfire to keep it from going into the distributor.
DSC01241 (Small).JPG
DSC01243 (Small).JPG
DSC01242 (Small).JPG
To resurrect this thread, which of these two wires is for power and which is for the tach?
Thanks Jim. After walking outside and using 1% of my brain, I realized I asked a dumb question.

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