Wiring & CB ash tray install

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Mar 20, 2020
Grove, Ok
Good morning,

I’ve searched the forum and I’m still not clear in regards to the wiring. On a 97 FZJ80 with a CB mounted in the ash tray, is the powner and antenna wiring running out the back of the ash tray cavity or is it running out the front past the CB faceplate? If out the back, does it require any mods or is there already an opening in the back?


Dave 2000

Not all Land Rovers are useless!
Jan 24, 2009
I fitted my CB in the ashtray a few years back. Wires and cables out back yes, but I found (on my model) that the microphone is not just on the front as is the norm it is actually fixed as opposed the type you can unscrew.

My 80 is dual use, that is a DD most of the week and off road pretty much every weekend, so living where I do in Spain the countryside is not far away....no wait I need to drive up a country track just to get to my home! 😁

Anyway I digress, if I lived for example back in the UK, the microphone on show leading to the CB would be worth a bit of 'black' to keep a doper happy, having the ability to unscrew the cable and drop into the glove box would be nice.



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