Wire Identification (temp sender?)

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Sep 29, 2004
Truckee, CA
Can someone w/ a 2H check something for me?

I've got a blue/green wire (with metallic splotches) that is in the same part of the harness that contains the alternator voltage regulator wires and the A/C clutch wire.

It has a connector on it that is broken.

I can't find any dangling wire that woudl be it's other end.

When the engine is running, it has current, but it acts odd... it reads 12.x volts for a second or two, then down to 2 v or 0 v then after a second, back to 12.x and so on.

I'm wondering if maybe it would be connected to the stock temp sender? I've got an aftermarket temp guage installed by the PO.

So, could someone look at their temp sender and tell me what color wire is connected there?

or, look at the Alt and/or AC compressor to see if you have a blue/green wire.

from memory, I think you are correct. The stock temp sender wire goes right next to the ac pump. If no one can verify I'll go out and check on the color in a few.

OK, in harness:
alt wires (3), temp sender (1), glow plug temp sender (2). The alt wires peel off first, then the temp sender (orange/ green on mine), then the glow system temp wires to the sender on the head. If it is a single wire coming out of the harness then I'm will to bet it's the temp sender.

Temp sender makes the most sense.... that's the one thing that I *know* is disconnected, and it seems to be in the right place.

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