Wanted Wire Harness for Oil Pressure Sender for 1994 '80

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Nov 22, 2005
United States

I'm looking for the wiring harness for a 1994 '80 oil pressure sender. I don't need the sender itself. The harness in question is completely removable, no cutting, and starts on the passenger fender well in front of the air filter housing at a grey connector. Then it goes down through a plastic wire loom to the sender. Built into this harness is another wire that goes to the a/c compressor. All of this is about 14" long and is one piece (again, completely removable without cutting). Both my wires broke on the sender, and I broke the plastic connectors trying to get them off the sender and none of it is re-usable. Shipping would be to the U.S. lower 48 (USPS padded envelope is probably just fine).
This is quite common due to the exhaust heat. It makes the wire connectors brittle. Your best bet is to fix the one you have because any used one you buy will most likely do the same thing in not too long. You can buy connectors that will slide onto the sender at a good auto parts store. They are sort of a generic fitting that a lot of electric senders use.
Thanks--I did try two parts stores already, NAPA and Oreilly. Neither of them understodd what connectors were needed and just told me to go to the dealer, and neither seemed to understand the round post.

For now, I temporarily have 1/4" slide connectors on both wires, but they are "bare" and don't clip in place like the OEM plastic clips did, so I need to do a longer term solution. I may be able to search other Toyota models for the connectors though, as these looked similar if not identical to what was on a few other Toyota's I've owned.
VDO gauges use a similar fitting.
I have one for you in good condition. E mail me at deathvalleypaul@yahoo.com
I thought you were doing a V8 conversion. I just blew up your old FJ80 engine.

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