Wire form Ignition Coil to Idle Solenoid??

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Jan 12, 2010
I'm going to a ignition coil without the external resistor. The old coil with the external resistor had a wire going to the carb's idle solenoid. Where do I get my hot wire from with thenew coil set up?

This is for a 1972 FJ40.

Also does anyone have a good picture of the carb for vacuum line hookups?


I think you should be able to just run a wire with a round terminal from the pos side of the coil to the sol on the carb as long as it has power with the ign switch on. I dont think it needs to be powered for start position of the key but a little try and see should set you right

Or you could take it from elsewhere ----some folks dont like running wires to extra stuff from the coil in case of shorts and so on
Thank You, I will give it a try. Tried to start her and the dang secordary butterfyl valve is stuck :( Been sitting for awhile looks like I get to rebuild a carb.

during my build I didnt want to rebuild mine so I sent it to FJ40JIM, He also desmogged it and set up the distrib for me

I hear Mark A also does a mean carb if you are interested in just getting it done

On both accounts you are pretty much guarenteed it will fire up and run right :cheers:

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