Wiper Trouble

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Apr 1, 2003
Cherry Valley, NY
Can anyone tell me why my wipers work fine but when I switch them off they no longer automatically return to the bottom of the windshield? I have to time hitting the switch to get them down where they rest, or else they stay where ever they were.
when i turn off my wipers they keep going. i have to hit the wiper motor contact -- its a little brass tab that sparks alittle bit when i touch it. the wipers stop when i touch so i have to touch it when they are all the way up. -- hey its better then my old cj7 i had to push and pull the bar that came off the wipers -- now thats manual
to my knowledge, there was never an auto-return on the fj40 wipers. it's not that bad once you get used to timing it.

Yes, there is a "Park" function.
According to what schematics I have, the '71 is the same basic wiring as the '79, so I would (ass)ume that most are wired the same.

Blue is your 12V positive and goes to the wiper fuse.
Blue/Red originates at the switch and goes to the HIGH SPEED winding on the motor.
Blue/Black originates at the switch and goes to the LOW SPEED winding on the motor.
Blue/White originates at the switch and goes to the LOW SPEED winding on the motor.

The above Blue/White wire supplies the "PARK" function current to the LOW SPEED winding.

These connection to the motor windings go through a set of disk-like moving contacts through little "brushes" or "contactors" in the wiper motor housing.

The "PARK" function current is supplied to the LOW SPEED winding when the "OFF" position of the windshield wiper actuator switch (on the dash board) is selected.

The "PARK" current passes through a segment of that disk and the motor should continue to run until the wipers are physically "parked"....... At which point, their should be a gap in the disk which should interrupt the flow of current ..... causing the motor to stop running.

I hope this is clear. The Toyota wiring diagram is a piss-poor drawing. These damned automotive electrical drawings are designed for non-electronics people and are usually very confusing and sub-standard for electronics trained trouble shooters. For instance, my '79 wiring diagram shows the wipers parked but all three positions of the switch selected simultaneously..... not possible ;~}

Mine are no return as well. I tried to fix myself as sherwood describes but about 2 weeks and 5 rainy days without wipers at all as I tried to trouble shoot it wasn't worth it. But damn can I dismantle that motor now. If it were a sport I could be a contender.
I would say just leave it, it amazes people who have never seen it before. I know that is lame but there are few joys I have.

Eternal-wipers are fun.
so how do ya fix them so the work like they are supposed to, i have the timing down to a science, but also have bad case of tinkerites
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mine is a 71 and before i messed with the wipers they did auto return but now they dont cut off by themselves

Ahhhhh there is the problem! If it ain't broke don't fix it. Hope you get it figured out. Later
Sherwood got it right. To fix it read his 4 th paragraph
[quote author=72cruiser link=board=1;threadid=4611;start=msg34820#msg34820 date=1061827913]
to my knowledge, there was never an auto-return on the fj40 wipers. it's not that bad once you get used to timing it.


82 fj40's have a park feature, I would assume all fj40 wipers mounted to the bottom of the frame have this feature.
76 fj40's have a "park" feature
Baily is right, all cruisers, save the '66 and older with the two, top mount individual wiper motors had the self-park deal. Actually the '66 and before had them, too, but the wipers were not synchronized, so it was kind of a Special Olympics kind of drill team thing. That little set of relay deals is the key to the self park. I'm old, but you PSII and XBox guys should have no trouble getting them to go HOME. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) :flipoff2:
Ed Long :)

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