Wiper rubbers

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Sep 6, 2008
Hi there

I guess a simple question but i can t seem to figure it out.

Any info on how to take front wiper blades on a LC 200 ? Can t seem to a have a clip to have the wiper flat and slide out.

Also the dealer gave me the rubber part of the blade is it possible to just replace the rubber on the wiper blades.

Yes, the rubbers are replaceable. Just did this. On a U.S. Spec 200, the passenger side rubber pulls out toward the passenger side rear view mirror. It is a friction fit and there are no tabs or latches. Once the rubber is out there are two strips of metal that you will transfer from the old rubber to the new one. If you need, I'll take pics and/or see if I can copy the procedure out of the Acura MDX manual I have (it uses almost the same wiper system).

And yes @beno, I know that last piece is blasphemy ;)
How to take off the wiper blade ?
There is no clip on my model.

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