Wiper motor issues

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Cruiser chick
Sep 12, 2006
Anyone have their windshield wiper motor go out? Or is it even a motor? Seems mine had a mind of their own this weekend and then got stuck in the up position. I pushed them down now they won't work. Any suggestions?
Hi Monnie. Possibly a fuse or a lose wire on the wiper motor. Not sure where the fuses are located for the wipers. Not sure on motor either. Might also be the relay which is located in the switch on the steering column.

Did some looking around and the motor is on the driver's side up near the cowl area and the fuse is located inside the fuse box in the driver's side. It's a 30 amp fuse and looks to be the only one there. Found this looking at the electrical PDF on the brockandbecca.com site page 25 for the fuse box and page 39 #A11 for the motor location. I checked on the blue room and could only find one thread similar to your problem and it was the guy's relay in the column switch.
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I wonder if this would have anything to do with having my ARB lights installed :hmm:
It might. Maybe blew the fuse or knocked a wire loose or something. If they tied into the wiper circuit it may have overloaded it.
I need to fix this. Maybe someone will know what I should try. The middle wiper is the only one that will not work. I don't think it's a power issue. I will research online to see. I need to fix this before tomorrow. Heading up the hill and I'm sure it's going to be raining.
You need a "trouble light" or voltmeter that will allow you to trace the 12v to the motor. If you have voltage to the motor and it doen't turn, likely the motor. If you don't have 12v there, it could be the switch or a wiring fault between...
1BiGGuy said:
It might. Maybe blew the fuse or knocked a wire loose or something. If they tied into the wiper circuit it may have overloaded it.

I got it working. Went to auto zone to get a new blade for the middle. He put it on and now it won't work. It has to do with the screw and the arm. I don't know anything about it but I'm winging it. I'm wondering if maybe there is a washer or something I'm missing. Too tight won't work, too loose it's not catching. Hmmm?
maybe this has something to do with the whole 3 wiper thing. :hmm::lol:
Its fixed. The right tool can get the job done! Ha"
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Use the right socket (doh) and tighten but not too tight. Make sure they are lined up correctly. Had to do that a few times. My problem was it was not seated right. Now I know that it makes a clicking sound when it's pushed all the way in. I think I was trying not to break it.

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