Windshield washer problems

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Jun 19, 2005
Northern Colorado
Windshield washer problems - REAL TIME HELP PLEASE!!!

Problem = windshield washer pump is not turning on.

What I have done to figure it out thus far:
1. put power directly to the pump which made it work.
2. Pressed the button to make it spray - nothing happened.
3. Put a test light to the line that powers it and got a light showing that it has power.

So what I am thinking is that it is either the switch or the relay. But I don't know which relay it is and I don't know how to test a relay even if I did know which one it was or where it was located. And there is the fact that every now and again I can hear the relay click when I push the button, which is something that I never heard when it was working... but is has not made any noise today (the day that I am trying to find the little bugger :bang: )

So, any help that you can throw my way would be great! Thanks folks! You guys are the best!
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Feb 3, 2006
Hey Gunnar,

I has to be the switch as there is NO windshield washer relay. The circuit gets power from the wiper fuse light blue wire with a yellow tracer that runs to the washer motor. Then that same wire (light blue with a yellow tracer) runs to the switch. The switch is a switch to ground (like most Toyota stuff) the white wire with the black tracer goes to ground.


P.S. make sure the ignition is ON and try to squirt the washer with the wipers moving

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