windshield/roof attachment

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Mar 30, 2003
Annen, the Netherlands
The previous owner replaced the windshield (w/s) and roof of my 1978 BJ40 with fiberglass types. Apparently something went wrong, because there is a gap between w/s and roof of approx. 0.5" at the outside of the w/s and 1" inside. To close the gap and connect w/s & roof, they folded a metal plate on top of the w/s and put in a lot of screws right through the roof, without weather strip :tear:.

What is wrong? Is the w/s too small or am I missing a part that goes between W/s & roof? Could a weather strip close a gap like this?

sounds like the replacement frame was not properly you know the manuf of the frame to check on dimensions? Or have a stock steel frame to look at and measure up?
there is normally a weatherstrip that goes between the roof and w/s frame.
Weatherstrip is not going to fill a 1 to 1/2 inch gap. It sounds like they built the frame wrong to me, perhaps to the wrong year's specs. You can get used window frames on EBay, over here, Ton. &nbsp:Don't know if there are enough of them for you to find one there in the Netherlands. Also, you may be able to get a fiberglass one at Specter (they just have them for certain years) that would be cost effective to ship. By the way, the OEM rooftops are all fiberglass.
So there is nothing else between W/S frame and roof but the weatherstrip. Hmm, no I don't know the maufacturer nor do I have the old steel frame. Can anyone measure his W/S frame-height an post it for me. So I can check the size and make sure it's not something else. It crossed my mind that the hardtop may be tilted a little backward thus causing the gap. That would also explain my rear doors fitting too tight; the bottom of the doors touch the threshold.
Thanks in advance.


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