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Sep 6, 2003
Tulsa, OK
Dropped off the windshield frame at safelite yesterday at lunch. Leon (nice old guy there), said it'd probably be tomorrow before it was done. He called me about an hour and a half later telling me it was done, and it was cheaper than quoted. It ended up being $174 installed with tax. Seems a bit high compared to some people saying they're getting glass cut for $75 or so, but I'm sick of dealing with it and just wanted it done. Leon was real nice about it. Wow, two posts about two different nice people at two different shops. Something must be wrong - I'm usually much more negative.

Only down side is when I took the wippers off so they wouldn't get damaged, I put the wipers and the wiper nuts in the bed of the truck, and when I went to reinstall them one of the nuts disapeared! Don't know how it could disappear in less than 24hrs, but it managed.

Now I just need to find some place to replace the leaking rear main seal that I've failed at fixing twice, and I'll be good to go for the 22nd. Maybe longer shackels and new bushings in the rear too, and the windshield washer pump, and I should check the timing, and throw the flex fan back on for extra cooling at highway speeds, and........and......and.....and.... If I show up with just the LX, you'll know the and's got to me.

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