Wanted Windshield Hinge

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Nov 27, 2008
Northern California
United States
I found out that both my windshield hinges are snapped,:mad: lucky I have'nt driven it.
But does anyone know of a manufacturer, I found some on spectar but no where else. an they were only showing used Left an no right.
I'd prefer new or used but for a reasonable price
for a 71? i should have a pair for ya.

georg @ valley hybrids
i'l take a look at the shop on monday when i'm back to work. will get back to you then.

georg @ valley hybrids
hey thanks,,,but I just found a set on spectar an orderd them..new pair hinged, they should be here wednesday...

I have seen the SOR hinges and can tell you they are good quality.

man, trying to remove the old ones was a pain!!!! I'm gonna have to figure something out.
the top of the screw heads started snapping off left an right.. tottally sucks.
two holes on the bottom passenger side screws broke off. an both of the top part of the hinge screws facing outward are broke off..
Heat. Lots of it.

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