WindRock - it's a wrap!

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Nov 7, 2005
Fredericksburg - Home Sweet Home!
For those that stayed at the Cove for this year's trip to WindRock, what we usually do is pass the hat and combine all the collected funds to purchase a single gift card from Bass Pro Shops, Gander, or Cabela's so that Rick, Tim and Johnny can get something for the place that they need.

Since we all left at different times, it was a bit impractical to do it in one spot this year. So I'll ask that those that spent the night or used any of the facilities kick in an amount that you feel is fair. It's our way of saying thanks for the hospitality that they extended. As fyi, I took care of the 'shine and the parking with Benny.

So, if you are so inclined, please PM me and I'll give you my mailing address, so that you may drop something in the mail.

Or you can get it to Cam, Vince or Lance at IPOR; or you can pass it to me or Vince at the June BBRC meeting.

I'd like to get the card down to the guys at the Cove soon, so if you plan upon kicking in, please get it to me or IPOR by the first week of June (5 June) , and I'll get the card out to them shortly after that.

Thanks, and by returning the hospitality they extend, we can ensure that next year the door will still be open, and we can get even bigger and louder!:cheers:
Sounds good T2. I'll have my contribution at the June 2 meeting. Heck of a place and great hospitality. Thanks for making this possible.

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It was a great place and the friends are the best.
I'll donate via Cam or whoever is at IPOR in the morning. Thanks for the hospitality! You should have seen the spider on the lampshade the last morning...big hairy mofo.

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