Window screens for 80/100

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Did anything ever come about with these?
Are these still available? Looks like folks tried over a year ago and heard no, but I wanted to check.
If they don't happen to be available why not make your own. I used these instructions>> All the materials were very easy to find all the way down to the quilted material. Just take your time and fit everything as best you can when cutting the materials. Fabric scissors made a huge difference as well.


I ordered a set of windowSox for my 100 a few months ago. Can't remember where but they arrived as promised and fit and work great.
hello mot! I've been looking for these. Are you able to sell anymore, or could you point me to where I can find them? It's for an FJ62, morningsun shades and mosquito screens.
Guys, this thread is years old and Mot hasn't responded to it since 2013. I think it's safe to say that he isn't doing this anymore.

With that being said, I emailed Solarscreen - Quality custom made window insulation for Motorhomes, 4x4s, Boats and Cars - gave them the details of my HDJ81 and they made and sent out some screens. They are amazing and blackout the interior of the 81 when all are installed.
I have a set of the solarscreens, the fabric is well made but I have had problems with their suction cups in cold weather. I am using them to insulate the truck when I go snowboarding and they just don't stay stuck so I am looking for alternatives.

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