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yes, i have.
i'm NOT very happy with them. over the summer i either run a bikini or no top at all. this summer i left my hard doors on with newly replaced window felts(from ccot).

after getting rained on for the first time (back around april or may) the drivers side started coming apart in the front corner. now some 5 months later the drivers side is seperated well around the front and rear corners. the passenger side isn't doing any better.
by the end of winter i'll be in the market for window felts(agian). i would have contacted ccot about this but i drug my feet to long :doh: and at this piont i don't think they would do anything.
I bought a set also, I found them really hard to install. They are in there so tight that its really hard to roll the window up.
I also have been looking, as it is soon time to put my hard top back on. I avoided CCOT because of what they gave me for the the hard top seals (not impressed with their selection of materials). I could only find window channels in a JC WHitney catalogue. I'm am reluctant to get them from there, but it looks like it will be my only option. Has anyone else got the JC channels?
thanks guys. glad I asked before ordering. I have gotten some stuff from ccot that has been great, but I recently ordered some mirrors that I haven'tbeen too happy with. Maybe I'll check the toyota dealership, see if they still make those. I'm pretty sure SOR has them but they are always pricey.
I bought new mirrors, arms and gaskets from CCOT, and one mirror came broken. :whoops: They all came in a box with no packing peanuts or bubble wrap. I'm surprised the other one made it.

Sent an email about their packing practices and was told they would send a new one ASAP. Haven't seen it yet, but will post results.
I got mine from SOR and they were OEM parts. Yes, they cost money, but they are also made to suit and not humped up from a big rool of rubber. I have the old style doors so the felts are three pieces. I lubed them with white grease before stuffing them down inside the tracks and they slid in just as nice as... well, you know.
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so is it safe to say the window channels are a discontiued item from toyota?

No, I got some last summer!! Hit me with an email reminder and I'll try to get the part numbers for you!!

Might take a little time, they are up on one of my top shelves in my garage and I'm on crutches for the next few weeks with a broken leg!! :mad:
window glass runs 68213-90300
outter glass seals 68161-60010
inner glass seals 68170-90300

Those are the numbers I was given by C-Dan for my 74
last summer I bought all new rubber, felt, chanels, ect from Toyota for my fj45(same as a -74), wasn't much more than CCOT and it fit perfect, if you going to all the work to do it right and have it last along time. your40 is a 75+ and I am SURE you can get all the stuff from Toyota, seeing how my buddy just got all his last week. It's pretty amazing what you can still get from the dealer for a 40.

for OEM stuff a dealer that gives a discount will be a good bit cheaper than Spector for OEM stuff. Not that you need it on window rubber stuff but if you buy OEM parts from the dealer you get a 1 year warantee, same part from SOR......prolly no warantee

John H
also one thing that is a real deal from the dealer is OEM window glass, some of its WAY cheaper than from a auto glass shop. I got a rear door fixed window a few years ago for my fj80, its was $16! glass shops cost for aftermarket was 2x's the price!

John H
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anyone bought window channels from CCOT? Just curious of the quality. Thinkin about replacing the old.

I'd rather spent the extra $ and buy form Spector..Be warned the stuff from CCOT is not even close to quality.
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I'd rather spent the extra $ and buy form Spector..Be warned the stuff from CCOT is not even close to quality.

Many parts sold at $OR can also be bought at tlca associate Toyota dealers cheaper. I agree, bought some part from CCoT, they're are low quality.

Well lets not bash the s*** out of CCOT. I have bought lots of stuff from SOR and CCOT. Depending on what it is quality is not that bad. Keep in mind, this is aftermarket stuff which never has the quality of OEM. Certain items I wouldn't buy aftermarket in the first place, rubber is one such item.

Just be glad these guys are out there helping us keep our rigs on the road. If it wasn't for CCOT I wouldn't have ever been able to mount my 9000i on my 40, they were the only place I could find that even sold a winch channel for my 40. That combined with their hell for stout front bumper, and I LOVE IT! My SOR seatcovers for my jumpseats were a PERFECT fit!

Don't like the outside venders, shut your pie hole newbie :flipoff2:
I an't no Newbie :flipoff2: :flipoff2:and i will say the same thing about the CCOT rubber parts. I can get the same from JCwhittney or pretty close. You can try your local glass shop too. I bought CCOT front door so so only ran the doors for a little while and not in much bad weather. Could have spend half or less of the money on JCwhittney parts of the same quality most they do have some good parts that i would consider buying. Anyway OEM is always best.

I called the dealer for the window felt for some 72 doors and they said it was one piece. I thought that the felt for the early doors were supposed to be in three pieces.Any thoughts? Thanks.
The window run is one piece, then the fuzzy piece on the edge where you rest your arm when the window is down is 2 pieces...that is the 3 total pieces. Scroll up, I posted a few part numbers I was given for my early 74.


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