wind rock meals

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Aug 8, 2006
Just wanted to know what everyone will be doing for food next weekend I know tim said something about pizza one night (thurs) what about fri/sat.
As late as I bet we get off of the trails Thursday and Friday, I vote for food at the campsite both nights. There are grills, ovens, etc. The pizza place is about 10 miles away - good, but worth the effort?
i have been informed that a small group(minimum of 2) will definitely be going to Big Ed's Pizza.

i think everyone is kindof planning for themselves, but with the intention of having a big variety of food from different people for each evening.
Def. big eds, and some hotdogs, burgers or sumthin. Most of ime someone will be going to town for somethings and can pickupsupplys if needed.
have we left yet

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