winching 101 with the kids today.

Jul 17, 2018
I had a fair number of bushes and small trees that needed to be removed and instead of using a shovel and axe, figured it was a great opportunity to break out the recovery gear and show the kids how to use it.

Equipment involved:
My LX450 "The Mean Green Bean"
Badlands 12K Apex
20ft' of logging chain with a snatch hook for cinching around the bushes and binding hook to lock back on itself
20K snatch block for a doubler looped through the chain

a lightweight snatch block and soft shackle for a redirect to the truck

And a short length of chain to attach the winch hook and redirect pulley to the anchor tree.

Everything was done with 2X pulling power, both to keep things slow and to show the kids how to use up excess line so you "always" pull as close to the drum as possible.

Worked a treat. Everything we pulled on was successfully exacted up to and including a couple of small trees with big deep tap roots. For the trees I set the snatch chain a couple feet off the ground to gain some leverage.

Here its rigged for yanking up the Azaleas in-front of the rig.

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