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Aug 18, 2003
After reading a reply from woody about sag power steering i posted he made a good point. That mod takes up winch space. So I have a question. My father had a winch installed in his truck. Basicly they welded a trailer hitch to the front of his truck. The rear already had one. It is tucked up inside the frame and comes out in the bumper behind the plate. Next he got welding recepticles (2 red and 2 black) and mounted them in the bumpers and wired them into dual batteries. Then the winch was mounted to the mounting plate which had the hitch welded to it. Then two leads were attached to winch so you can plug into the bumper. That way you can move the winch fwd or aft or store it in case someone likes your winch more they you. I was a littled worried about the strength of the hitch but it has pulled my father's truck out of some s@#$. Has anyone tried this on a fj40? You can buy the hitch stock at a metal yard cheap. I might just try this.

You should be able to tuck a 8274 in between the frame rails with a sag conversion. My dad and I both have this done on our FJ40's. It is tight, but they do fit.
I'm not a fan of removable winch setups....tho I have friends who love that option on their rigs.

1) 99.9999% of situations have you winching forward anyways. I've winched in reverse twice in ~15 years.
2) removable mounts create additional side loading on brackets, must overbuild.
3) what happens when the winch is on the wrong end and jammed into a rock or buried in the mud?
4) Buggers are heavy and a PITA to haul end to end
5) increased chance of theft...pull a pin and off they go...OR you use a locking pin and lose the key and it's only on one end anyways or the keylock rusts...
6) increased chance all your friends will want to borrow it for their rigs, since all they need is a receiver
7) receiver bracketry kills any approach/departure angles when the winch is hanging off that end

Dead on Woody! I have no issues mounting a winch on the front of my 40 with Saginaw. Seems logical to me to mount the box below the framerails. Not sure if I did it on purpose or by chance. Reciever hitch is a 25% solution to a 100% problem. Not a viable alternative IMHO. For $400 TPI has a milemarker 9K that just happens to fit perfect between the RR framemembers. Another cool thing about it is that it has a remote solinoid that you can mount anywhere. I have the same thing on the front with a hi lift, brushguard and Saginaw. It all just fell into place.

I never really thought a RR winch was an issue until last GSMTR. Got stabbed by a rock on upper 2 that caught my RR bumper and 1/4. No getting out unless pulled from the back. I had to ask a very nice guy in a very well built JEEP to pull me. Not a banner LC day! A RR winch is hi on my list.
my 8274 IS between the frame rails and does not interfere with the saginaw pump.
pics coming tomorrow.
BTW: my buddy has the new milemarker electric. I'd prefer a hand winch, it's quicker. :eek:
Making fun of my winch?! :D I know exactly what it is but it does work well and was a steal! Slow? Yes it is slow. Way I look at it is that I am stuck anyways so what does it matter? At least I can self recover. Of course the 8274 is better and is app: $600 more. So, if my time is worth $65 per hour I guess after 9 hours or so of slow winch waiting time I would have been better off buying the 8274. My slow winch reinforces my desire to not get stuck. :D
[quote author=woody link=board=1;threadid=4513;start=msg33839#msg33839 date=1061499561]
BTW: my buddy has the new milemarker electric. I'd prefer a hand winch, it's quicker. :eek:
Ask s79bj40 about the hand winch, he might disagree since he actually has/uses one! :eek:
Its one BMF winch too!

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