Winch, what a good investment

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Jan 26, 2007
Chattanooga, TN
So if you are on the fence about a winch I would say go for it. The 12000lb winch I have has come in handy a bunch of times. Pulling the lc out of a mud hole (3 times), pulling friends out (at least 10 times), even recently used it to pull out some bushes in a front yard. I would recommend the synthetic rope, lot easier to manage than the wire cable. It came in handy last night when my buddy got his g35 stuck in a driveway. He drove off the side of the driveway and bottomed it out. Was nothing for the winch to pull him out of that. Just my 2 cents on this!!

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I have both front and rear winches and they have definitely paid for themselves many times over :)


Love my 12k winch here too! I've done lots of pulls with it without issue. I've even pulled my buddy's '93 80 series and my other buddy's '94 Chevy pickup at the same time when they were stuck in the snow. It's more than paid for itself.
One of the first pieces of advice i got after i bought my cruiser was "The cost of a single off-road tow far out-weighs the cost of a winch".

Of course, one also shouldn't go wheelin' alone, but it's true. You can buy one hell of a winch for what an off-road tow costs. You can buy some passable rigs for what an off-road tow can cost.

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