winch rebuild adhesive used?

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Feb 5, 2019
Bay Area California
rebuilding my winch and curious wht people use to seal the brake assembly to the bottom portion?

Just use a little bit of RTV. Not much. You don't want it to be too difficult to separate the next time you go in there.
and then finally i have been searching everywhere and my searching ability isnt amazing obviously because i cant find a breakdown of the assembly of the motor portion pictured. there seems to be too much play back and forth (my version has no free spool) but after putting the pin back in the hole it seems there is still lots of play back and forth ...

what am I missing? or is it supposed to move back and forth



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oops my bad totally should have done this in winching setion for threads, i was just on auto pilot when i started this here.

ive contacted warn to ask them also about the play on the pinion ... now im looking for a spacer - thx for the hint
measure the OD of the motor pinion shaft and the width, should be an easy find. post up your #'s / measurements.

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