Winch Mount for TJM Bullbar

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Oct 7, 2021
Western Australia
Hi all. I've got a (dumb) question for anyone with a winch and bullbar setup similar to mine: I have a TJM T15 bar installed that has a hole for a winch. What I didn't realise is that there is an optional part you're supposed to install to actually mount the winch.

My bullbar: TJM Bull Bar T15 Black Steel | 80 Series | LANDCRUISER WAGON | Toyota | GET 4X4 EQUIPPED | TJM 4X4 Equipped -

Here is the mount:

Is this just a cradle to hold the winch? There are mounting points on the inside-front of the bullbar itself, is the bullbar supposed to be the weight bearing component under load?

It appears the frame above bolts to the insides of the chassis, which could also mean that this is the weight bearing component, although it doesn't look like it if those brackets in the middle are anything to go by.

See front middle of the bullbar with numberplate removed, sorry for the mud I hate it!

I guess if I read what the page actually says I answer my own question "winch mount kit to suit TJM bull bars that is designed to spread the winch load evenly across the chassis"


I guess I took the original description of 'optional winch mount' as optional for a winch, you could still mount a winch either way.

carry on!
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I ended up going out and buying the bracket/cradle; last one in the Aus warehouse!

For the sake of any future searchers, the TJM T15 bullbar for the 80 series most definitely requires the optional cradle (Part #: 957MTB1580L). The thickness of the bullbar steel isn't strong enough on its own to withstand winching: all the cradle does is add a second sheet and reinforce the 6x mount holes. The cradle doesn't bolt directly to the chassis, rather it beefs up the bullbar and the bullbar is still attached to the chassis as per normal. See photos with and without cradle for comparison.

Install was painless, except that after rotating the winch gearbox by 90 degrees for top access to the clutch, the access hole required cutting into so it would fit (this is just for a Runva winch, will be slightly different for other brands).


Hi chang ,i'm currently going through the winch thing at the moment.
Beatles posts on lcool are a very interesting and helpfull read.
I believe the tjm t13 bull bar for an 80 series needs no cradle and is rated at 12000 lb.That info may be some help for others.
I'd like to go the way beatle went,but my tjm b/b is over 20 years old,strong as an ox,,but may sit a bit too close to the front.
He has helped me out with measurements and photos for a few different ways to mount the cradle.
I'm going to take this info to a workshop to see if they can make it work.🤞

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