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    Hi All,

    Just picked up a Warn M10000 winch to go on my ARB bar mounted to an FJ60. Would like to hear "electrical system" considerations regarding batteries, alternators and wiring for the charging system, and to the winch. Any good links which discusses this topic.

    For example...Optima battery? can I use a marine deep cycle battery (for everyday starting and occasionally winching and offroad light) Should I install a fuse block in the engine compartment and run the winch thru a fuse? &nbsp:Dual battery setup required for occasional winch use only?

    Just brainstorming...I would like to consider all my options before I wire the dang thing up!

    Cheers, and keep on Cruising

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    I ran a single Optima Blue-top starting to my winch for many years before going double...for occasional use, yer fine. Just remember to not stall the truck or starting can suck.

    Run a 1000amp disconnect in the hot-lead to the winch. JCWhitney, $35 I think.
    Hook the starter to the side posts, the winch to the top posts. Side posts will smoke if you winch from them.
    Stock alternator should be fine except for hard use.
    Connect the winch with weld-quality fine strand wire, not the junk included. Thicker the better, IMO.
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