Winch arming switch blowing fuses all of a sudden

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May 7, 2005
South Jordan, UT
I wired in a winch arming switch using a Warn solenoid and a Toyota fog lamp switch.

I tapped into the hot wire that feeds my cd player to wire the switch, and the solenoid itself is in a high current circuit directly between the battery and the winch.

I HAVE run the winch though this setup, and everything has worked perfectly since installed several months ago.

Yesterday, after letting my 3-year old play in the cab, the 15A cigarette lighter fuse blew, killing my stereo, clock, cig lighter, and winch switch. After installing a new fuse, I turned off my stereo, unplugged the cigarette lighter, and flipped my arming switch. It activated the solenoid for about 5 or 10 seconds and then blew the fuse. I don't know if my son could have "done something," or if something has malfunctioned and is drawing too many amps.

I'm not sure where to start with troubleshooting. Any ideas?


With seeing a schematic, I couldn't be too sure, but your tap into said wire may be shorting somewhere. The fuse that u blew may have also blown the cig internal fuse. The warn solenoid pulls approx 3amps on activation, so a short in your wiring is a very real prospect. If the cig fuse (internal) is blown u will have to remove lighter and fix manually.

Thanks. I didn't realize there was a cig fuse.

I'll check my dash wiring before I pull the solenoid.

Turned out to be the solenoid. Six States Distributors tested it and gave me another one free of charge.

Ary, the only thing I added to that circuit was the winch solenoid. I don't know what circuit the factory stereo runs on, but my deck has run fine on that circuit with no problems.

Nevertheless, I rewired the new solenoid into its own circuit with a 30 Amp fuse inline under the hood. The only drawback is that is no longer switched to the ignitition key.

Do FZJ80s come with a "power outlet" box in the engine bay? My HZJ80 has one and I've wired all the circuits that I want switched by either the acc or ign to this box. Very handy for neat aftermarket accesory wiring.
Good question.
I'll have to look around a little closer.

What does your power outlet box look like?

US FZJ80'S do not have the ACC power out let under the hood; only the rest of the world gets that much needed wiring. I had to build my own.

The power outlet box is roughly 3" square. Under the black plastic cover is four screw terminals for attaching accesory wiring. There is battery +, accesory, ignition and earth terminals. All these terminals are fused and have very heavy cabling running to each. About the only thing I think would improve this set up would be provision for relays to be mounted easily and neatly nearby. This box is excellent for wiring up accesories neatly.

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