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May 23, 2019
WNY For Now
I have what is probably a stupid question regarding my Wilson Switch set up in 1HDT. I was thinking it would be a good idea to wire the dash light in such a way that it would stay lit whenever there was power to the Glow Plugs, as opposed to when the switch was in the "on" position. That way if the relay failed or any other fault occurred that would leave the glow plugs powered when the switch was not engaged, you would immediately see it.

Stupid Question: If I ran the warning light wiring to the switched side of the GP relay (or the glow plug bar), that would fry the tiny ~18gauge wire to the dash and maybe blow the bulb? Or would the 12v get transferred without overpowering the small wire? I have *some* competency with wiring but probably only enough to get myself in trouble. Lol.

Oct 2, 2015
Las Vegas
@CaptBeardilocks , Not trying to discount your question, as it would be "cool" to see the current going to the glow plug rail. But I think the best solution & easiest solution is just get a "Momentary" switch that spring loads to OFF so you never forget you are powering the glow plug rail since your finger will be holding the power ON. Also you will have the "audio" of the Ford Starter Relay "clicking" when powering the glow plug rail. Also, if you have a Volt Meter, you will see about a 1 volt drop across that as well. Hope that helps. I'm definitely not smart enough to old work / re-wire the dash from the super glow system.


Dec 17, 2010
I am also only knowledgeable enough about the magic smoke in the wires to get myself in trouble....

That said, there's 12V (and however many amps) going to the other lights in the dash and stuff right? I mean, there's not a relay between the ALT/BATT and usual dash lights?

Point being, you should be able to wire the light you want lit straight off your glow plug relay without melting the wire...

I think....

I'll be watching so that when it either melts the wire, or someone who actually knows chimes in, I'll know too.

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