Will this fit?

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Apr 6, 2003
Tomball, TX
Got a '78 FJ40 and recently bought doors off a '76. Will a '71 Hardtop fit on my '78 with '76 doors? I haven't tried the doors yet - hope they fit too! Don't want to buy the hardtop to find it doesn't like the '76 doors!! :eek:
I'm shocked!! :eek: I can't believe that with all of the combined experience on this forum no one else has tried this before! ???
the 71 hard top i got looks the same as my 76's(minus the gaiping rust holes in the back corners).the only thing is the 71 top has no hinges for barn doors just a fold down hatch :-\
Top should fit, 76 doors would fit a 78. Your issue is going to be hinges. It will never fit perfect but it should fit with a little work.

You mentioned that the hinges may be a problem. I'm guessing that you mean the hinges for ambulance doors? My 40 is a factory soft top version, so the hatch on the '71 hardtop would work O.K. with the tailgate?
it should work with the tailgate no problem.
i would think if there is any fit issues it could be solved with weatherstripping :D

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